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Recording Producing Dance and Techno Music

dance music productionElectronic music is a loose term for music created using electronic equipment. Any sound produced by the means of an electrical signal may reasonably be called electronic, and the term is sometimes used that way -- in music where acoustic performance is the norm, even the introduction of electronic amplifiers may touch off discussions of electronic music (jazz and folk music, for example, have gone through a good deal of argument about the topic).

As a category of criticism and marketing, however, electronic music refers to music produced largely by electronic components, such as synthesizers, samplers, computers, and drum machines. Theoretically, the music could include any of an array of other "instruments". Electronic music may also be referred to as computer music because software has allowed manipulated sounds to be processed and sequenced digitally and conveniently, in contrast to analog synthesizers that use electrical hardware to manipulate signals.

Dance Music Production Process

dance music productionProducting dance and techno music is a simple process because there are not many people and musicians involved. The producer or DJ takes a leading role from the beginning to the end of the process. what does a Music Producer do? A music producer can do anything from making coffee to just sitting back and listening. That sounds like an easy job, and it can be.
Learn to produce professional quality dance and techno tracks: Dance and techno music basics, Creating dance drum rhythms, Writing and creating bass lines for dance songs, Creating synths sounds, Working with samples, Using Loops, Mixing Basics, Effects and audio editing and processing, Mixing dance and techno music, Mastering your songs.

Suspended chords in Dance Music

Suspended chords are not the most popular chord in music, but they are getting a lot more attention these days. Use suspended chords instead of just using the standard sound major and minor. The 7th chord has a special place in music.The chord uses 4 notes, 1 note more than the standard major and minor chords, so it is not that difficult to play. Chords are an important concept in playing music and understanding music and music theory. Basically any combination of notes can be a named a chord. Although this is not a music theory course we have included some music theory since it will really help in writing and understanding dance music.

What's involved in producing music?

Producing good quality music that has any kind of impact these days does not require a good artist. Most of the good songs are produced with a good sound and a good video.